DSCN1749Welcome to the web-space for Calvary Baptist Church. One of the trickiest parts of creating a web-space is choosing the tagline, the summary that speaks of who we are and what we are about. We chose “To the glory of God . . . helping people walk with Jesus in faith, hope, and love” but this does not tell the whole story about us. We could easily have chosen “into God’s Word, into God’s world” as we strive both to grow in a Bible based faith, while also looking to how we can serve God beyond ourselves, beyond our church, indeed well beyond our town’s borders. We might also have chosen “open Bibles and minds, willing hearts and hands” as this would reflect our desire for a thoughtful and Biblical faith that is expressed in generous and practical ways. Really there is no one line that can summarize our church family, just as there is no one line could summarize who you are! Visiting a web-site is not nearly as interesting as visiting the real thing, so we invite you to come and find out more about who we are and what we are about. Even better, we invite you to consider how we can help you walk with Jesus in faith, hope, and love to the glory of God.

We are pleased to welcome the following guest preachers while Pastor Clarke is on vacation:

  • Rev. Art King on August 6th.
  • Ms. Karen Bellamy on August 13th.
  • Mr. Blake Tufford on August 20th.
  • Mr. Daryl Bissett on August 27th.

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