Anyone & Everyone.  

We believe that we are not just called to go to church, but to be the Church, to become family.  We are placed in families that are multi-generational.  We are called to be part of a worldwide family that is multi-racial.  We hope that our ministries and our Sunday morning services can reflect these values.

We want to grow.  

While we look for Bible teaching each Sunday from the pastor’s sermon, for those who want to dig deeper with friends we offer an Adult Bible Class as well as home based Study Groups.

We provide children’s programming for ages up to ten during our services.  We are a smaller church by nature, but believe that an inter-generational family atmosphere is a great place for children and youth to grow.

We also have a library. You can see the books available here.

We love to sing.  

Our choir is a great place to sing and meet new friends.  Also, there are opportunities to share your gift of music individually or through our contemporary worship expression.

We want to do good.  

We support various mission projects locally and globally through our H.O.P.E. (Helping Others, People Everywhere) Fund. But we are also committed to extending our reach through support of our Partners in Mission through Canadian Baptist Ministries, and through the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.

We pray.  

In addition to our regular prayer meeting Wednesday afternoons, the Pastor is willing to meet with you to pray (assuming you are in the Cobourg area!), or to add your prayer concerns to his personal prayer list. We also have a Prayerline, a group of praying people who will lift up your prayer concerns.

We serve.  

Perhaps there is a tendency when looking for a church to ask the question: “what church will serve my needs?”  We encourage you to ask the question: “where can I serve? Where can the Lord use me?”  The Pastor is willing to explore this further with you!